Monthly Archive: September 2015


Starbucks to COK: We’re Testing New Vegan Products

Starbucks has heard the pleas of vegan coffee drinkers everywhere. In response to a campaign by Compassion Over Killing (COK) and activist Jane Velez-Mitchell, the corporation has said that they’re testing some new vegan products. Here’s what they...


5 Must-Try Vegan Pumpkin Products for Fall

It’s almost October, which means Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE. From doughnuts by Dunkin’ to lattes at Starbucks to Trader Joe’s entire store, the orange fruit is dominating flavor profiles, and will continue to do so for the next two...


Cowspiracy Now Available to Stream on Netflix

If you’ve been wanting to watch Cowspiracy, the critically-acclaimed documentary about animal agriculture’s role in the environmental crisis — now’s your chance. A special cut of the film (from Executive Producer Leonardo DiCaprio), started streaming on...