Hire Us

If you’re a brand, organization or individual, there are lots of ways we’d love to work with you!

(If you’re looking for us to write a story about your product or service on SomeVeganGirl.com, you can send a pitch to hannah.sentenac@gmail.com. We do not accept payment to write stories for the site — that’s completely free and decided on a case-by-case basis via our editorial criteria.)

As far as other services, here’s how we can work with you:

SomeVeganGirl.com founder Hannah Sentenac is an experienced writer, journalist and content consultant with a unique skillset. She’s worked with or written for organizations and publications including MindBodyGreen.com, Fox News, Red Bull, the Huffington Post, Live Happy magazine, About.com, Food Revolution Network, and many, many more. You can check out her writing portfolio at HannahSentenac.com.

Hannah offers the following services:

    • Blog/website consulting and strategy
    • Plant-based food/culture trend expertise, research and reports
    • Workshops on topics including reporting skills, brand journalism, and content creation
    • Writing projects
    • Media outreach strategy

If you’re interested in hiring Hannah email hannah.sentenac@gmail.com. Can’t wait to work with you! 💖