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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Pizza

Everyone knows pizza is life, and vegan pizza LITERALLY is life — since no animals have to die to create the deliciousness. It’s all of the cheesy, melty, doughy goodness, with none of the suffering. What...


5 Must-Try Vegan Pumpkin Products for Fall

It’s almost October, which means Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE. From doughnuts by Dunkin’ to lattes at Starbucks to Trader Joe’s entire store, the orange fruit is dominating flavor profiles, and will continue to do so for the next two...

Vegan candy for Easter 3

A Convenience Store Guide to Vegan Candy for Easter

As far as vegan candy for Easter is concerned, there are purveyors out there producing some seriously impressive options these days: hand-painted marshmallow bunnies; rainbow-hued vegan jelly beans; luscious (candy!) eggs with rich, creamy...