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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Pizza

Everyone knows pizza is life, and vegan pizza¬†LITERALLY is life — since no animals have to die to create the¬†deliciousness. It’s all of the cheesy, melty, doughy goodness, with none of the suffering. What...


5 Must-Try Vegan Pumpkin Products for Fall

It’s almost October, which means Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE. From doughnuts by Dunkin’ to lattes at Starbucks¬†to Trader Joe’s entire store, the orange fruit¬†is dominating¬†flavor profiles, and will continue to do so¬†for the next two...

Vegan candy for Easter 3

A Convenience Store Guide to Vegan Candy for Easter

As far as vegan candy for Easter is concerned, there are purveyors out there producing some seriously impressive options these days: hand-painted marshmallow bunnies; rainbow-hued vegan jelly beans; luscious (candy!) eggs with rich, creamy...