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New Vegan Butters Hit Store Shelves

Earth Balance has long been king of the hill when it comes to vegan butters, but consumers have new choices; three additional plant-based options have recently made it to store shelves. Legendary cheesemaker Miyoko’s...


Panera Adds New Vegan Smoothie to Its Menu

Last year, Panera Bread made a bold move by proclaiming its commitment to adding more plant-based options.  Known as a healthier alternative to traditional fast food, the popular chain’s decision was in line with consumer demand (clearly, people...


Vegan Half and Half Alternative Hits Stores

There’s no shortage of dairy-free coffee creamers on the market, but most are heavy on the sugar and some rely on artificial flavors. For consumers looking for a cleaner addition to their morning joe, Califia Farms’ new...