EXCLUSIVE: Vegan Cheese Now an Option in Approximately 20,000 Restaurants and Chains

Daiya pizzaWhen it comes to non-dairy cheese, Daiya tends to top the list. It’s the vegan cheese option most frequently found at restaurant chains, in mainstream supermarkets, and utilized in items made by other brands (Amy’s Kitchen pizza, for example).

And, according to the company, its products are now used by approximately 20,000 individual restaurant and chain franchise locations. That’s a lot of ooey gooey goodness.

“Food service is our heritage and we started servicing restaurants in 2009,” says Chriss Montalbano, the company’s North American Business Development Manager.

Companies that work with Daiya products include Aramark, Blaze Pizza, Disney, Citifield, Mellow Mushroom, Pieology, Sodexo, Sysco, U.C. Berkeley, and Uncle Maddio’s Pizza Joint, among others. The company just announced its partnership with Pie Five Pizza last week — another fast-fired pie chain. Daiya is working to expand more into traditional food service operations, as well.

For customers who want their favorite eateries to offer Daiya cheese, Montalbano recommends asking for it by name. Consumer requests are key when it comes to getting restaurants to offer it as an option.

And while cheese may be the company’s most famous product, it isn’t its only game. Daiya also makes pizza, mac and cheese, cheezecakes, cream cheeses, and yogurts — and recently announced the upcoming release of a line of creamy salad dressings.

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Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Sentenac, Editor-in-Chief

A wizard of words, lover of all living things and vegan mac 'n cheese master, Hannah is the Editor-In-Chief and Founder of SomeGirlsVeganNews.com. Her writing has appeared in Live Happy magazine, the Miami New Times, OneGreenPlanet.com, MindBodyGreen.com, FoodRevolution.org and numerous other publications and websites. She's obsessed with vegan pizza and crop tops, and is totally addicted to the outdoors. You can reach Hannah directly at hannah.sentenac@gmail.com.

4 Responses

  1. Lowell says:

    A shame it’s Daiya. That shit tastes like chemicals, and my whole (vegan) family hates it. Hopefully Chao with get bigger….THAT’S good faux cheese.

  2. Savvy Vegan says:

    I was going to say the same thing! Chao is incredible, but too expensive for general use at around $7.00 for 10 slices.

    I went to a fair, and was excited they had vegan pizza, so I bought one.

    One bite of that Daiya “mozzarella” and I scraped it off into the trash.

    Follow Your Heart has block “mozzarella, but I have yet to try it.

    Daiya, however, DOES make the best vegan mac & cheeze.

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